Attendance of USAEE conference

01 Jul

Umbrella project participated in the USAEE conference in Austin, Texas in June 2012.


The sustainability of global long term energy demand, supply, and energy diversity is in question in light of growing demand for energy in China, India, Brazil, and other emerging economies, increasing awareness of environmental issues, and the need to find new ways to address related concerns. Further uncertainties are raised by changing world events such as the global debt crisis, the Arab Spring, and the impact of Japan's tsunami and earthquake disasters on the development of nuclear energy. These and other issues challenge the transition toward a sustainable energy era where the current energy needs are met without compromising the energy needs of future generations, and they also create opportunities. This conference is intended not only to address these questions but also to address possible challenges and opportunities for the transition to such a sustainable energy era. Umbrella project presented its vision on the forecast techniques, titled 'USING TIMEā€ADAPTIVE PROBABILISTIC FORECASTS FOR GRID MANAGEMENT

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