Project - Mission statement
"A prototype toolbox development to ensure secure grid operation in future electricity networks"


UMBRELLA is an EC FP7 project that had the goal to provide a toolbox prototype for TSOs to ensure secure grid operation also in future electricity networks with high penetration of intermittent renewables. This toolbox enablesTSOs to act in a coordinated European target system where regional strategies converge to ensure the best possible use of the European electricity infrastructure. The UMBRELLA Project started 1 January 2012 and has ended by now. Its results have been published in deliverables which are mostly publicly available on the documents page of this website. The UMBRELLA Project's Final Report (Deliverable 1.3) has been presented at the 3rd Joint iTesla-UMBRELLA Open Workshop and is also publicly available for download here.

UMBRELLA Project Final Report cover page

UMBRELLA is developing an innovative toolbox prototype to support the decentralised grid security approach of TSOs, giving the opportunity to increase cooperation when facing the increased complexity in system's operation. A decentralised network security analysis with everyone "on board" looking at the same results and evaluating solutions in a coordinated and optimised way, increases the efficiency of the network operation. Furthermore, umbrella methodologies gives a step forward in the evaluation of uncertainties and their impact in different operational timeframes, the introduction of risk-based assessment and optimisation of remedial actions. This toolbox to be used in different operational timeframes includes:

  • Modelling and simulation of uncertainties due to market activities, renewable energy sources on different time scales (RES forecast) and outages
  • Optimisation algorithms of remedial actions in reaction to simulated risks on different time scales according to total costs and transmission capacities
  • Development of risk based assessment concepts for anticipated system states with and without corrective actions


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