Joint iTesla-UMBRELLA workshop: Innovative Tools for the Future Coordinated Operation of the Pan-European Electricity Transmission System

01 Jan

The iTesla and UMBRELLA projects will present their final results in a common workshop: Innovative tools for the future coordinated operation of the pan-European electricity transmission system, on 26 January 2016 at the ENTSO-E premises in Brussels. Registration via:





The iTesla and UMBRELLA R&D projects have developed innovative tools for the future coordinated and reliable operation of the pan-European electricity system. The workshop will provide an opportunity for electricity transmission system operators, academia and industry researchers, manufacturers, market and industry analysts, government officials and policy makers, to learn more about the developed methods and final results of both projects and exchange ideas with iTesla and UMBRELLA experts on the future operation of the electricity transmission network. Both projects will present the developed tools with an emphasis on the implementation and use of the software at different time scales from operational planning to real-time operation. Furthermore, common recommendations will be given, in order to foster increased coordination between transmission system operators and coordination centres.

 The programme will be made available shortly.



The iTesla and UMBRELLA projects are organising an open workshop to present their innovative methods and tools to a wider audience. Co-funded by the 7th European Research Framework Programme (FP7), the iTesla and UMBRELLA projects began work in January 2012. Both projects are linked to Topic ENERGY.2011.7.2.1 of the ENERGY-2011-1 Call and are part of the ENTSO-E Research and Development Plan and the European Electricity Grid Initiative (EEGI) Roadmap.

The challenge is to optimise the decision-making process in different timeframes through a new generation of security assessment tools. These tools are able to tackle:

  • The increasing amount of uncertainties affecting the operation of the power system both on short and long-term perspectives (evolution of demand and the generation mix, especially the high penetration of intermittent generation, and market activities);
  • The increasing amount of potential remedial actions in case of violation of operational constraints while ensuring the static and dynamic stability of the system.



To participate in this workshop, please register no later than 18 January 2016 via


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