CIGRE Canada Conference 2012

07 Oct

Participated in CIGRE Canada 2012 Conference, September 24-26 in Montreal, Canada


The 7th Annual CIGRÉ Canada Conference on Power Systems will bring together key players in the electric power systems sector: business leaders, system operators, manufacturers, engineers, scientists, policy makers, regulators and academics. The conference, expected to draw approximately 250 people from major organizations, is a unique forum to share exciting new research and breakthroughs, raise some issues or questions, discuss future directions, and network and exchange with leading professionals from all the world. 


This year, 130 papers from 23 countries have been accepted for the conference, and the Umbrella project presented the dissemination work in the System Operation and Control session. The title of the dissemination paper is 'Innovative operational security tools for the development of a stable pan-European grid'. 


To download the UMBRELLA presentation: please click here 


Cigre Canada 2012 Conference website:



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